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1988 X-RA 

Medical College of Virginia 

MCV Station 

Richmond, Va. 23298 

Volume 75 

zfiedicafad fc> <=£lfe< 

w * I 

ff^T}— — > 


• m mm mm im 

^- V - V c ^1 

f "/. imf 

* 1111 

.* I'M 
t .11 

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i I'll; 


H !J 






4 Dedication 

As MCV students, we have chosen 
career goals which reflect our dedication 
to life. Striving not only for excellence in 
academics, but we endeavor to maintain 
the highest standards for patient care, 
and most importantly, the quality of life. 
As the students of today, we will become 
the health care professionals of 
tomorrow. Building our future begins 
with sincere concerns and interests in the 
health-related problems of today, and 
tomorrow. Forseeing those problems, but 
more importantly, seeking the solutions 
are the responsibilities of each and every 
health care professional. With this in 
mind, the combination of a knowledge- 
able faculty, motivated students, and a 
carefully planned curriculum insures the 
future success of our graduates. Medical 
College of Virginia is dedicated to prepar- 
ing and promoting us to become promis- 
ing professionals. And so, for this year 
and always, it is our strong compassion 
for humanity that leaves us... dedicated to 

Dedication o? 

D Richmond 




Richmond. You have got to see 
it to believe it! If you know where 
to look and what to look for, then 
Richmond offers a great number 
of attractions. For instance, just 
driving down Monument 
Avenue takes you straight back 
to the high school history class 
for a review of the famous histor- 
ical heroes. But for this review, 
there is no need to take any 
notes.. .simply enjoy the sites! 

No matter the route you take to 
downtown, day or night, 
Richmond's skyline is sure to 
catch the eye. Once downtown, 

there is plenty to see and do. Visit 
the old and the new, especially 
the Old City Hall, which resem- 
bles a King's castle from a fairy- 
tale. And, don't miss the view of 
the city from atop the new City 
Hall. From there, it is on to see 
the Capitol, where Virginia's 
government officials assemble to 
make our laws. And if you are 
lucky, maybe you will see the 
governor or even a movie crew 
filming on the capitol state lawn. 
More?! You say you want 
more? Then why not take in a 
pop concert at the Richmond 

Coliseum, or perhaps the Ballet 
or Symphony. If that is not en- 
ough, the sports fans can catch 
the Richmond Braves at the 
Diamond. Wait! There is more, 
there are shopping malls at every 
corner of Richmond just waiting 
to be invaded. So, hit the 
town... from the historical to the 
trendy, Richmond's got it all, 
and more! 





• • 1 


- - - 

jfP*f8jfi££? •„, — -— ^fifcs& E^^^pE-^ 8 **- 3 ^"! ' 



> 'J^ 


~c - 

: '\ 

Richmond / 

8 Student Life 

$twU*4* *t MQV ijpt+J. tit 

■tHJUet-VUi. el tit*A, t**h£ <4* ttc- 

fy>\ ££*4K*. f<>* t«OM/i +t *4 tit 

A. 36 CAlMt iowi cIm* t(>A4-t 

COWHt <Ml'+4~t <*f- lltCf* to C\fi*h- 
^0\ tit \ph*U,. $A^lUih^ 
400*1 dUvUfayJl, *4 WtofiXXy A 
1*LCCW%y vfv 4>\J&\ to 4A*CCtCA 
U* ttuMctl tciocl. >0.. .fatC \Vl 

$£*?*$ t\li*LiAdy MOV. \t 

t*Ju4 <W\*OWl dlA^CAfcoi* to 
ttCO*h& A. 1&AI h>C%01...A+J- 

HC\/ itbMtcU b**om U. 

Student Life 


-Aryttiirg To Avoid Studying- 

|**iliaw*— ' 

10 Temptations 





Temptations J. 1 

Above: Food for Thought! 

Below: Alpha Omega's "so-called" 

cooks show off more than their 

cooking abilities at the annual 


You've Got To 

Go Wiitlli Tine 


Left: Alpha Omega's members and recruits 
gather for fine food and friends. 

Below: Welcome!? D-88's dedicated welcoming 
committee showing how they greet guests. 


-s v. tt H 

V 1 



>t ^ 





^ bii 

^niR Li IrmwmlM 1 

BY vPt^Bi fl^B ltK ^\ HJw f gjBjarfW Sy^B 1 
■B^B^ TM / 1^^ ^r B>- ' M^r^ finLi^H 

L 1 VflB^ P1^%nfHb! 

W n "^b! b3i Jp"Mm** H 
hbbW bVbk'^I \ ' bTy ▼\\i Abet* *~iH 

■ V J Mm Mm '§■ 

Student Life X 7 

roups of 

The Dedicated Assembl 
Together for Work, Pla\ 
and ...a Little In Between! 

18 Student Life 

Student Life 1 B 

«*. .'- -^ 


Above: Tompkins-McCaw Library 

Right: Medical College of 

Virginia's Main Hospital and A.D. 

Williams Memorial Clinic 

JL\J Campus 


Z tL Student Government 


Student Government c*i3 

Turn the page, the 
corner, walk down the 
halls, or into any door at 
MCV and the sights you 
see may leave you 
saying... "Wow!... Pretty 
Impressive!" But 

whatever you see, you are 
sure to be left with a 
lasting impression. 

Z4 Impressions 

Impressions «J* 







~ ^ * 








UGlO' Wednesday. November 11, 

rOrOCOSf I Rain, possibly freezing 
rain, but ending early in the morning 


Just goes to prove, the wea- 
therman doesn't always know 
what he is talking about. And it 
certainly was true in this 
case. Snow!! And just enough 
to make things messy. Road 
conditions weren't "that bad," 
but bad enough to cause some 
minor accidents and major 
traffic delays. All total, there 
were only about 4 inches of 
snow on the ground, but def- 
initely enough to cause some 
students to cut classes and 
begin the icy journey home. 
After making it back to their 
cars, students found them- 
selves scraping windshields, 
warming up those chilly 
heaters and defrosters, and 
stopping to throw an occa- 
sional snowball. It didn't last 
long because by the next day, 
most of the snow had melted 
and temperatures were on the 

rise again 


28 Student Life 





And. ..they're off!. ..And headed 
for a medical career. For the 
average MCV student, the student 
life is not particularly out of the 
ordinary. Whether living in the 
dorms or an apartment on the 
outskirts of the city, the student life 
really begins the the classrooms 
and clinics. But, it doesn't end 
there. After school is out, carpools 
sit in 5:00 traffic for awhile before 
making it home and continuing 
their nights with the books, family, 
and friends. Just look around, and 
it's evident that students find a 
variety of ways to make life at MCV 
interesting and different. So.. .it's 
off to the races at MCV... and on 
with the pursuit of that medical 

Student Life 29 

IVICV Students Hung n 


30 Student Life 

The students of MCV 
are "hungry for knowl- 
edge." They just can't 
seem to get enough: 
Spending school hours, 
nights, and weekends 
in the labs and libraries 
collecting data and in- 

formation for projects 
and papers, students 
get the most that they 
can from their educa- 

Each program at 
MOV has a limited 
amount of time in which 

to teach stud vrtat 

they need to know I 
fore graduation. So, Its 
no wonder the dedica- 
ted students put forth 
that extra effort to gain 
as much as they can. 

Virginia Drivers 
Driven to Display, 

SA Virginia Drivers 

aug " Virginia "^^f* 

PREP Lf /i 

Virginia Drivers 


34 Grin and Bear It 

Grin and Bear It o«J 

e...ff* CttwifiL 

36 Student Life 

Student Life O / 


f * 


- 2g 

38 Student Life 

for a T 

SfsjdftKi -.'da ~j>Zi 

/ K 

* . WE*- . , c 



40 Sports 

DeAicAt&J* to t&t fyciti f&4*4> 


B9| tjl 



* JjAWi 1* ^ M^6 

f^p^Br .- 1 




'* ^^^^^r 

| V 'tfj>T\| 







44 Candid Campus 


Candid Campus 45 



»t» 4e S.du*f 

Ott 1 

A-*£ Ur ie»* l l! 
sG «ce ■**%&*!& 

i JS I 

Vo\^ e 









£ , ^f J* ** S 

£ : . . ) 1 1 



48 Student Life 



<vu & 



Unce in- aamilej a select groaA stands out 
amorug others. S$£kJvu(d T , that select g/rouh 
id- owr student todu. ^ow-ecum at us, it ttx>K 
great detemmitaMon a/no. 'dedication to get to 
this faoin't v?t our lities , ana uet toe realize it 

uhM talce even- ?n<yre- dedication to m-o>ve as 
ewer- closer- to our goat&.xdo tor this, ive nave 
become. . .the dedicated stuaentti. r . : : . 

Scott Allegretti 

William Andersen 

Elizabeth Attreed 

Terry Baisey 

Maria Biosca 

Eliot Bird 

Greggory Bowles 

Bryan Brassington 

Maria Bredologos 
Carson Brown 

Elizabeth Candler 
Steven Carroll 

Christopher Cios 

Marie-Therese Coffelt 

Michael Colasanto 

Kyle Curtis 

O U Dentistry 



Robert Dedmond 
Bruce DeGinder 
Elizabeth Doerwaldt 
Scott Farrell 

Kathryn Finley-Parker 
Basil Friend 
Samuel Galstan 
David George 

Emily Goldstein 
Douglas Gruffi 
Doreen Gumas 
Jeffrey Haslam 

Neal Jones 
Michael Karol 
Jerry Kim 
Connie Kitis 



Gregory Kontopanos 

Peter Kuenzli 

John Lapetina 

Barbara Lee 

Charles Lennon 

James Londrey 

Hameda Makharita 

Wanda Mehailescu 

Andrea Mitman 

Russell Mosher 

John Murray 

Flavio Nsar 

Monique Nguyen 

Kurt Obeck 

Tracy Oliver 

Richard Parr 

5 Z Dentistry 

toMvu vy 



Dina Pearl 
Mai Phan 
Thoaivan Phan 
Clifford Phipps 

James Resh 
Gavin Reynolds 
ames Reynolds 
Emmelt Richardson 

Michael Rossetti 
Billy Rutherford 
Thomas Schleicher 
Todd Skabelund 

Sandra Smith 
Vincent Smith 
Stephen St.Louis 
Jeffrey Staples 

Dentistry *3 d 

Cory Stark 
Aloysius Stenger 
Charles Stewart 

Ira Slier 

Michael Stout 

Michael Stuart 

Gary Sumner 

James Taylor 

William Walls 
Christine Ward 
Fairfield Ward 
Donna Weaver 

Margaret Wexel 

Susan Wilson 

Kim Jennings- Wycall 

David Young 

54 Dentistry 


) o 

Lawrence Bossong 
John Burgess 
John Cranham 
Francis Dunne 
Chulwon Lee 
Judy Lynch 
Chris Maestrello 
Priscilla Myers 
Christine Nguyen 
Andrew Norman 
Allen Read 
Greg Roberts 
Randall Rosemond 
Daria Stout 
Phuongtrang Ton 
Bret Tucker 
Brenda Walker 

Dentistry 3 .J 

3D Dentistry 


Dentistry 57 

Scott Andersen 

Bradley Anderson 

arioush Ashouripour 

Carl Block ^ 

Michael Bowman 
Arden Bronstein 

Bowman Browne 
Duane Callahan 

James Clark 

Thomas Conner 

Richard Davis 

Anthony DiCesare 

Hoang Do 

Stephen Eldredge 

Clayton Finley 

Glenn Fortner 

58 Dentistry 


Jose Gallegos 
Eric Goldberg 
Scott Gore 
Robert Hahn 

Terry Hall 
*-, Evan Hathaway 

I Mark Hebertson 
j Curtis Henley 

Ralph Howell 
John Israelsen 
Richard Jackowski 
Tal Jergensen 

Jared Jesperson 
Gregory Johnson 
Timothy Johnston 
Randal King 

Dentistry 59 

John Luddington 

Susan Madalengoitia 

David Marshall 

Anh Nguyen 

Ronny Sangid 

Kimberly Schmidt 

Michael Shannon 

David Sinz 

Timothy Stacey 

David Stepp 

Henry Stewart 

Richard Vacca 

60 Dentistry 

^en£u^mi y J383 

Kelley Vernon 
Kwok Yue 

Not Pictured: 

Stephen Asam 
Scott Blanchard 
Gregory Bruce 
David Childress 
Minh-Khue Dang 
Mark Friedlander 
Wayne Gardner 
Apostolos Grekos 
Mark Hauser 
Paul Jiral 
Marty Legum 
Carlene Marcus 
Lawrence Metzger 
Kevin Midkiff 
Kennedy Neill 
Rex Painter 
Kevin Poindexter 
Steven Press 
Douglas Saggio 
Harry Spalding 
James Taylor 
Rufus VanDyke 
Scott Via 
David Violette 
Thomas Winkler 
Leslie Wisner 

Dentistry fol 

t>^ Dentistry 



Dentistry D«j 

64 Dentistry 

y zzJwUi 

\ Jm", M 



. - 


#"■■ ' 

y Nfli 

* mt '*m'^20. 

Denlislry DO 

Gregory Anderson 

George Andrews 

Michael Anglin 

Jeffrey Bailey 

Shari Ball 
Gerald Banks 
Gary Belenski 
Scott Berman 

Cheryl Billingsley 

Thomas Burke 

Mark Capener 

Keith Cooper 

Brent Curtis 

Robert George 

Antonia Gut 

Michael Hall 

66 Dentistry 

Mimi Halleck 
William Hefele 
David Kemler 
Luan Le 

Elizabeth Lee 
Mary Lewis 
Kenneth McDonald 
David Miller 

Clinton Morris 
Thomas Olivero 
Richard Perkins 
Mark Plant 

George Sabol 
Loretta Sadar 
Paul Schmutz 
Fedra Shafaie 

Dentistry O/ 

Steven Sluyk 

Philip Tetz 

William Thompson 

Cynthia Trentacosti 

Cynthia Tudor 

Scott Ward 

Charles West 

Jeffrey Wetter 

Steve Williams 

Mark Winkler 

Dennis Wong 

Todd Wynkoop 

Not Pictured: 

James Apgar 
Marie Banzon 
Terri Bucher 
David Circeo 
Loan Thi Dang 
Ruby Dhillon 
Christopher Do 
Lawrence Drake 
Daniel Ellert 
John Ehreth 
Salvatore Florio 
Frederick Fox 

Andrew Fratkin 
Mark Freeman 
Dana Gibboney 
Emmanuel Gross 
William Grupp 
Christopher Hooper 
Dean [arman 
Sean Kelly 
Homing Kim 
Louis Korpics 
Nicholas Lombardozzi 
Betty Lyon 
Clay Morris 
David Mueller 

Darryl Pearlman 
Trung Pham 
Walter Phillips 
Susan Riblett 
Michael Richards 
James Rickman 
Eric Smith 

Maryjean Sotack-Couch 
Michael States 
Ellen Stephens 
Sean Tahaney 
Thomas Vaccaro 
Trung Vu 
Patrick Woznak 





Dentistry 61 

70 Dentistry 

^ewfiafosu iSSQ 


7 Zi Dentistry 

&wdM>y 1390 

Dentistry 7 ■$ 

Muna Badawi 

Theofaniy Batistas 

Gary Bills 

Michael Blackwood 

Joey Colina 

Mark Cushing 

Beatrice Diaz 

Thomas Dilaura 

Steven Dorsch 

William Dymon 

Farah Farhoumand 

Laurence Friedman 

Robert Gittess 

Tanya Greenfield 

Sae Ham 

LaMont Hesselgesser 

74 Dentistry 


Michael Huband 
Winfred Hudgins 
Jay Johnson 
Said Khalefa 

Debra Lambert 
Penny Lampros 
Craig Levine 
James Lupi 

Michael Marcou 
Richard Marcus 
Christopher Marshall 
Jose Matos 

Joy Moretti 
James Muncy 
Chau Nguyen 
Susan Nichols 


Douglas Ogden 

Pana yotis Papatzimas 

Allen Phillips 

Krishan Popli 

Renita Randolph 

Elizabeth Reynolds 

Erik Roper 

David Schonbrun 

Alisa Smith 

Timothy Smith 

Lisa Tatum 

Thieutrang Ton 

Wolfram Trammer 

William Wang 

Scott White 

John Williams 

7 O Dentistry 

Deidra Bird 
John Boyles 
Wanda Brown 
Jonathan Carlton 
Julie Carter 
Sasha Ciric 
Margaret DeAngelis 
Matthew Doukenick 
Kathleen Drumond 
Eda Elbirlik 
Gary Foster 
Fereshteh Jarvandi 
Dariusz Kot 
Marie Lagoc 
Tracy Law 
Lan Le 
Melanie Love 
Jay Lucas 

Raymond Manniello 
Alex McDonald 
Dena Meade 
Caroline Mehagan 
Haleh Merat 
Maryam Monfared 
Michael Morris 
Marshall Morrison 
William Munn 
Robert Neighbors 
Bruce Overton 
Ross Pearlman 
Herbert Pope 
Ronald Ray 
Marilyn Rooney 
Benjamin Sarver 
Kendall Slusher 
Christa Spates 
Daniel Sullivan 
Cris Ternisky 
Kenneth Tralongo 
Stephen Vermillion 
Adrian Wizes 


7o Dentistry 

Dentistry 79 

oO Dentistry 


"enUd^mi 499 


m. i 


J r - 

• \r-" 



Dentistry Ol 

Melinda Baker 

Terry Frost 

Anne Gentry 

Denise Goudelock 

Maria Jones 

Kathy Nicely 

Martha Pruitt 

Denise Schillaci 

Angela Shotwell 
Janet Throckmorton 

Judy Tremellen L 

82 Dental Hygiene 


Dental Hygiene Q»J 

Rita Atwell 
Sherri Bell ^ 
Hanna El-Jor V 
Karen Hurt 

Amy Jarman 

Catherine Lester 

Patricia Patterson 

Susan Patterson 

Dena Pulliam 

Leia Parrish 
Judy Proctor 
Karen Smith 

o4 Dental Hygiene 


Dental Hygiene 

Richard Bennett 

Wei Cao 

Elisa Eiseman 

John Graham 

Pamela Wagner 

OO Graduate Basic Sciences 

Graduate Basic Sciences 

Paula Avery 

Kenneth Clark 

Adele Hornik 

Tanya Hranowsky 

Kyung Keel 
Kimberly Stern 

Not Pictured: 

Not Pictured: 

Bruce Bailey 
Daniel Barry 
Dennis Bryant 
Mark Canada 
Jeffrey Carey 
. Jeffrey Deal 
Gliserman Joseph 
Virginia Godfrey 
David Gross 
Ann Gulesian 
Kelly Hastings 
Lisa Joyner 
Jonathan Ketcham 
William Lilly 
Joel Maycock 
Scott McCutcheon 
Kyle Newman 
Scott Pittman 
Mark Rheins 
Jimmy Sterling 
Gregory Strickland 
Carol Studebaker 
Ann Taubell 
Arthur Walker 
Susan Whiteside 
Joseph Witek 

Jeffrey Ciucias 
Michael Doucette 
Bradford Dunkin 
Jo Ellen Dunn 
Lauren livers 
Elizabeth Goode 
Jen Lee Guthrie-Nelson 
William Jacobsen 
Teresa Kannan 
Raymond Larson 
Kevin Meyer 
Dennis Molnar 
Stephens Mundy 
John Penrod 
Brenda Rhea 
Kimberly Saum 
Jack Simpson 
Leon Smart 
Marilyn Tavenner 
Benjamin Vincent 
Christopher Wearmouth 
Susan Weatherman 
Sandra Weinstein 
Zacharia Wheeler 
Jeanne Womack 

OO Health Administration 

Health Administration oil 

a*""^.- ^*^^^tt':^B^ 

*^ ^ J 

V 1 . if * 

■f ' ■ il 

Not Pictured: 

Dottie Atkins 
Cara Balint 
Ruby Battle 
Athena Bear 
Raymond Bender 
Denna Bennett 
Kimberly Biehner 
Jane Brinkley 
Janet Brown 
Sharon Byrne 
Georgia Canada 
Linada Canada 
Wanda Cooper 
David Crawford 
Marcia Easterling 

Brett Elmer 
Paul Flagge 
Gregg Fondacabe 
Robert Giannini 
William Haneline 
Mark Harris 
Linda Hellerman 
Cordelia Holloway 
Terry Holmes 
Roger Householder 
Robert Hubble 
Jayne Keresman John 
Gloria Lambert 
Diane Lawrence 
Donna Leggett 
Marianne Mann 
Nick Marinacci 

Phyllis Marszlek 
Denise Martin 
John Martin 
Marjorie Merkey 
Rosa Moncada 
Kasey Mullins 
Annmarie Pancham 
Helen Poad 
Karen Pond 
Brenda Powell 
Terry Pratt 
Elizabeth Putnam 
Stephanie Rahalewicz 
Donna Rainer 
Solanda Ramos 
Shannon Roberson 
Janice Robinson 

Kathy Rochelle 
Elizabeth Sadowski 
Janet Salmon 
Annamarie Sheffield 
Renuka Singh 
Curtis Skolnick 
Douglas Souther 
Lisa Spainhour 
William Steinmetz 
Shirley Tate 
Lisa Votta 
Virgie Weaver 
Robert Weinstein 
Wanda Whitley 
Allison Williams 
Thomas Wood 

ell) Health Care Management 


/ « 


Health Care Management 

Not Pictured: 

Valerie Albano 
Lacanas Baker 
Karen Bell 
Lisa Cannaday 
Dana Cleavenger 
Sitrenia Danzey 
Shelley Gant 
Karen Gunter 
Gail Kidd 
Dawn Lamp 
Robin Newcomb 
Angela Robinson 
Sherry Ruden 
Stephanie Sayers 

" Z Medical Records 


Medical Records if J 

Not Pictured: 

Seniors 1988 
Edith Ezekwe 
Michaeline Migliore 
Roger Moore 

Juniors 1989 
Susan Bennett 
Trang Doan Thi Bui 
Susan Butler 
George Cooper 
Kathy Corker 
Mona Garthright 
Nancy Hall 
Barbara Jones 
Kim Kelly 

Sandra Lamm 
Mary Long 
Janis Manion 
Martha Nelson 
Hong-yen Nguyen 
Daniel Oberheu 
Danielle Partello 
Dawn Sheiner 
Tammy Simpson 
Tina Smith 
Sheri Staton 
Amalour Veloso 

"4 Medical Technology 


Roxanne Turner 
Robin Warekois 
Catherine White 

Seniors 1988 
Tim Bickley 
Michelle Bobbin 
Wendy Bransford 
Alyce Copeland 

Brenda Gower 
Elizabeth Grigg 
Kathryn Hinegardner 
Sherri Randolph 

Juniors 1989 
Kimberly Fulton 
Catherine Morgan 
Dunstan Williams 

Medical Technology II tJ 

Rozanne Bentt 

Dana Marie Buchanan 

David Cohen 

Melissa Contos 

Morris Friedman 

Rick Fuller 

Marthe Gabey 

Robert Given 

David Greenberg 

Allan Greissman 

Mark Graham 

Patricia Hall 

Curtis Haskins 

Nancy Leatherman 

Andrew Leavitt 

Branham Levy 

cjO Medicine 


Wii&d/iciwe 4988^ 

Mot Pictured: 

Mary Adams 
Steven Adkins 
ry Affleck 
Chaewoo Ahn 
Marsha Allen 
Debra Armstrong 
Dana Bachtell 
Alan Baldridge 
Bruce Ballon 
Lisa Baron 
John Barsanti 
Keith Batts 
Derrick Beech 
Gregory Berens 
Peter Boehling 
Megan Borror 
William Brady 
Katina Brockington 
Christine Bruni 
Susan Buenaventura 
John Bunker 
William Burden 
Wayne Burgess 
Elizabeth Buzzzell 
Elizabeth Cameron 
Christopher Campanile 
David Chandler 
Henry Chang 

Mary Chang 
Ellen Coggeshall 
George Craft 
Donna Dale 
Jo Anne Deale 
Marc DeHart 
Aris Delanides 
Lucian Durham 
Sandra Edwards 
Henry Ellett 
John Elser 
Lisa Friend 
Patricia General 
Steven Gross 
Steven Hall 
Luanne Hallagan 
Sally Hamel 
William Harris 
Barry Hench 
Kenneth Henson 
Stenen Hintz 
Robert Houska 
Thomas Hubbard 
William Hundley 
Kreg Jeppson 
Ernest Josef 
William Kauffman 
Robert Kehl 
Alen Keyes 
Raymond Kirchmier 

Kurt Klussmann 
Michael Kontos 
Thomas Lacey 
Charles Lamb 
Samuel Land 
Helen Lee 
Myunghi Lee 
Ray Lee 

Michael Lenhart 
Apollo Leong 
John Leslie 
Leslie Marshall 
Joseph Mason 
Mattay neeraja 
Marianne Matthews 
Michael McCollum 
William McDearmon 
John McLaulin 
Susan McLean 
Michelle Melany 
Jeffrey Merrill 
Mark Merson 
John Merten 
Jasmine Moghissi 
Anthony Moorman 
Guy Murphy 
James Nafziger 
Stephen Odom 
Mildred Osborne 
Charles Pappas 

Joseph Polito 
David Sechler 

Karen Park 
Stephanie Pocsik 
Janice Potter 
Christopher Rail 
Jay Riddle 
Jeffrey Rittenhouse 
Philip Rizk 
Elizabeth Robbins 
George Rowe 
Andrew Rudins 
Jackson Salvant 
Edward Salzberg 
Lynn Samuel 
Jyme Schafer 
Andrew Shayne 
Lyle Shelver 
Charles Slater 
Andrew Slucky 
Allison Smith 
Marianne Smith 
Terry Smith 
Kara Somers 
George Sotos 
Robert Squatrito 
Benjamin Stallings 
Barbara Stanfield 
Patricia Stoltzfus 
Hugh Stoneburner 
Deborah Sutherland 

Elaine Martin 
Jeffrey Martorana 
Elizabeth McCord 
Brent Nelson 

Pamela Swift 
Fred Taweel 
Gail Taylor 
Elmer Thompson 
James Thompson 
Jeffrey Todd 
Michael Tolino 
Sharon Travers 
Jesse Walck 
Bruce Waskowicz 
Karl Watts 
Michael Whiting 
Judith Williams 
Margaret Wilvert 
Lawrence Winikur 
David Witmer 
William Wood 
Robert Woods 
Glenn Wortmann 
Jeffrey Young 



ijO Medicine 


John Barnard 

Ellis Berzon 

Cynthia Bettinger 

Robert Collins 

Marshall Cross 

Ralph DePalma 

William Farthing 

Lynn Findley 

Ted Hofstedt 

Henry Katz 

lames McGowan 

lames Pittard 

James Reid 

JoAnne Speigle 

Douglas Stoltzfus 

Victor Wei 

100 Medicine 



Not Pictured: 

Robert Allen 
Peter Apostoles 
Jeffrey Arbuckle 
Michael Aronson 
Jeffrey Atkinson 
John-Baptiste Auditore 
Jeffrey Baggish 
Stanton Bailey 
Robert Bass 
Thomas Bassler 
Stephen Bencheim 
David Bettinger 
Robert Blanton 
Jonathon Bowman 
Michael Brazda 
Russell Brock 
Daniel Broeske 
Jeffrey Brown 
Blackshear Bryan 
Alton Bryant 
Dwayne Callwood 
Robert Camp 
Patrick Campbell 
John Carmack 
Kevin Chan 
Joan Cherry 
Karen Close 
Mark Cogen 
Mervyn Colina 
Tamera Counts 
Tracy Cousins 
Patrick Datoc 
Kenneth Davis 
Dixon Dehority 
Devin Donnelly 
Samuel Dudley 
Margaret Dwyer 
Benjamin Eleonu 
Susan Englehart 
Margaret Enochs 
Mark Fenster 
Jennifer Ferguson 
Lynne Foreman 
Robin Foster 

Louis Fredwerick 
Cynthin Gauss 
Patricia Gillen 
Todd Glass 
Lawrence Golusinski 
Melissa Gross 
Judith Grossberg 
Teresa Habacker 
Jon Hain 
Samuel Hand 
Hillary Hawkins 
William Heitman 
Karin Hillenbrand 
Robert Hodges 
Mary Hug 
Kathleen Hurd 
Pamela Hurst 
Douglas Hutcheson 
Sally Irons 
Donna Sue Jablonski 
Christopher Jenkins 
Janice Jesse 
Robert Johnson 
Allyson Johnston 
Sidney Jones 
Scott Joslin 
Eugene Kastelberg 
Kevin King 
Marc Kobelin 
Christopher Kontos 
Warren Koontz 
Liem Lechau 
John Leipsic 
Julie Lekstrom 
Ronald Levin 
Mark Lijewski 
Gary Link 
Eugene Lowe 
Kenton Mackey 
Linda Magovern 
Jeanne Manis 
Karen Martin 
James Matthews 
Glenn McClaugherty 
Gregory Miller 
Patricia Mitchell 

Michael Witting 
Denise Young 

Joseph Modrak 
Joseph Mondy 
Carrie Moss 
Trach Ngoc Nguyen 
Jay Otero 
Robert Palguta 
Dominick Pastore 
Samuel Payne 
Randall Peyton 
Donna Pinelli 
Timothy Powell 
David Powers 
John Prince 
Douglas Puryear 
Seth Quartey 
Moira Rafferty 
Lourdes Ramon 
William Randall 
Robin Rodgers 
Henry Rosenberg 
William Rosenberger 
Christopher Rossbach 
Stephen Rothemich 
Joan Roundtree 
Kevin Sanders 
Susan Scharpf 
Andrew Schutrumpf 
Robert Shaver 
Cara Siegel 
Lewis Siegel 
Timothy Sielaff 
Roshnara Singh 
Stephen Smith 
Donald Soles 
Anne Spaulding 
Robert Squire 
Cynthia Steichen 
Kurt Stockstill 
Marc Tannenbaum 
Michael Taylor 
Jacqueline Thompson 
Daniel Tsao 
Mary Jo Van Davelaar 
Catherine Vines 
William Vollmar 
Stephen Walker 

Hugh Wallace 
Samuel Ward 
Matthew Warren 
Ann Watlington 
Susan Webber 
Peter Wilbanks 
Steven Williams 
Frederick Willison 
Janine Wollis 
James Woo 





mmk iM* 


^B 1 k **P 

1 * 




9' I^r ' ^^ 


fV \j 





JLUZ Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy J.UJ 

Marc Backal 

Eric Bringhurst 

Linda Burk 

Michael Burton 

Rebecca Byrd 
David Evans 
Dean Hearne 
Karen Hearst 

Jeffrey Kline 

John Leiner 

Arthur Moritz 

Barbara Muller 

Sott Naegele 

Dawn Owen 

Peter Quagliano 

Benjamin Rice 

1U4 Medicine 


€eu€owie 4330 

Not Pictured: 

Chris Andersen 
Susan Anderson 
Donald Arents 
Manuel Astruc 
Paul Babey 
Carlton Baer 
K. Drew Baker 
Patricia Baker 
James Balserak 
Cheryl Belle 
Bruce Bennett 
Mary Bird 
William Blackard 
Brian Blackwell 
Andreas Brandt 
Jan Brandt 
James Brown 
Judith Browne 
Daphne Bryan 
Linda Burkhart 
Sabrina Byrnes 
Lisa Chestnut 
Philip Cheu 
Robert Christie 
Sean Geary 
Steven Cooley 
Ann Cooper 
Molly Cowgill 

Barbara Seaborg 
Steven Sharp 
Sanjay Sood 
Walter Vest 

Lina Crowder 
Bruce Culbertson 
Richard Cunningham 
Celia Dastvan 
Ann David 
Jeffrey Dick 
Marlene Dookhan 
Scott Duncan 
Robert Dundervill 
John Durfee 
Mary Durgin 
Susan Elliott 
Eric English 
Wayne Eriksson 
Jean Falwell 
Christina Farup 
Michael Fenster 
Lovie Fleming 
David Fox 
Arthur Frazier 
James French 
James Fuller 
Michael Gauthier 
Seyyed Ghaemi 
Charles Gillock 
Rajeev Gulati 
Scott Harman 
Janalee Hebertson 
John Henretta 
Albert Ho 

Helen Hope 
John Hubbard 
Nori Hurt 
William Johnson 
R. Neil Johnston 
Lesley Jones 
Tracey Jones 
Gillian Kaplin 
Gerald Keightley 
Stephen Kemp 
Frank Kim 
Nicholas Kipreos 
Jackson Riser 
Harriet Kolmer 
Michael Kunkel 
Stephen Lancaster 
Alexandra Lansky 
Louis Lataif 
Timothy Lee 
Jeffrey Lipscomb 
James Ma 
Steven Maestrello 
Leslie Marshall 
Thornton Mason 
Daniel May 
Kathleen McCardelf 
Joseph McKeon 
John Meidl 
Charles Miller 
Gregory Moore 

William Wheatley 
Denise Williams 
John Wo 

Patrick Moore 
Patricia Morrison 
Edward Moschler 
Kenneth Myers 
Joseph Neighbors 
Hoang Nguyen 
Richard Nixon 
Allan Oglesby 
Timothy O'Neil 
Erik Owens 
Vincent Pangalos 
Kristie Penley 
Jonathan Perlin 
Mary Pham 
Catherine Pierce 
Jan Presberg 
Andreas Prinz 
Christopher Purcell 
Michael Quigley 
Thomas Raff 
Timothy Raines 
Robert Ramos 
Mary Reilly 
Alex Rizk 
Mark Rowley 
Marc Rozner 
Mitzi Sampson 
Kenneth Saum 
Gayle Schrier 

Medicine 111 5 

Not Pictured: 

Nanette Schuerer 
Barbara Seaborg 
Lance Siegel 
Benjamin Skinker 
Sandra Smith 
Marcus Soloman 
Wanda Spolnicki 
Stacey Staats 
Sharon Strunck 
Charles Stubin 
Ali Tabassian 
Rebecca Tanner 

Kristina Tedeschi 
Mary Testerman 
James Thompson 
Louis Turano 
Thomas Vandermeer 
Edwin Villamater 
Brantley Vitek 
Julie Weaver 
Floyd Wells 
Edward Wiley 
John Williams 
Jeff Willis 
John Wo 

Sarah Woodhouse 
Donald Yeatts 

lUb Medicine 

KjftecUcine 4390 


»W9 i 

f 'rfBMM 

f^^g^^^L.^^Km»^^ 1 

Medicine All / 

Kimberly Anderson 
Paris Auerbach 
Sharon Bellamy 
Andrew Caputo 

Thomas Chin 

Daniel Cho 

Paula Conrin 

Nathan Ellis 

John Finch 

Elizabeth Hylton ,a' 

Deborah Irr A »a . 

Annette Jones J'iL*< 

Sidney Jones 

Annette Magnant 

Nicole Magnant 

Georgina Murray 

lUo Medicine 

fiediscliie 4394 

Edward O'Mara 
Hayden Ross-Clunis 
John Sadler 
Andrew Schneider 

Steven Sikora 
Melencio Ventura 
Michael Wenzel 
Glenda Wert 

Asher Brand 
Patricia Bucci 
John Carder 
Karen Chandler 
Thomas Chapa 
Roger Clevinger 
Patrick Coleman 
Samuel Crockett 
Elizabeth Cross 
Anne Cuccio 
Paul D'Amico 
| Anthony Deep 
Melanie DeHart 
Andrew Desjardins 

Teresa Duarte 
Harold Duhart 
Melinda Dunn 
Maura Elser 
George Emerson 
Denise Fellin 
Catherine Ferguson 
Robert Fidler 
Patricia Finn 
Stephen Foxx 
Gayle Friedman 
Felecia Friend 
Barbara Frost 
Christopher Gill 

Pamela Witherspoon 
Catherine Woodruff 

Mary Grady 
Carolyn Greeley 
Michael Greene 
Terry Guedri 
Jean Guinness 
William Gutheim 
Phillip Hall 
Scott Hamilton 
Catherine Harris 
David Harrison 
Philip Hawner 
Glen Henry 
Gregory Holmes 
Elizabeth Howdyshell 

Lysle Ailstock 

Amy Americo 

Scott Armistead 

Scott Banning 

Thomas Bass 

Robert Bechtel 

Elmore Becker 

Andrew Berlin 

Patricia Bey 

Alexander Bigazzi-Simonetta 

Gerard Boehm 

Bret Borchelt 

Brian Bortnick 

Maisie Hwang 
Thomas Inge 
Laura Irwin 
Paul Jackson 
Susan Jackson 
Annette Johnson 
Douglas Katz 
John Katzen 
Jeffrey Kauffman 
Mauricio Kaufman 
Sheila Kendrick 
David Kim 
Jiyeon Kim 
Douglas Klassett 

Medicine J.U5J 

Not Pictured 

Paul Kramer 
Ronald Kratz 
Nancy Lane 
Patricia Lanter 
Richard Lehman 
Francesca Levine 
Max Lewis 
Robbie Lewis 
John Liu 

Jeffrey Livingston 
William Lykes 
Ian MacAgy 
Sean Mahan 
Elizabeth Marshall 
Carol Martins 
Neilson Mathews 
Leslie Max 
Catherine McKesson 
Kraig Melville 

Gregory Miller 
Mark Mishkind 
Michelle Naps 
Jeffrey Nekoba 
Khiem Nguyen 
John O'Connor 
William Ondo 
Eric Panner 
Diane Pappas 
Mae Parham 
Theodore Pastrana 
Kathy Peccatiello 
Rhonda Perry 
Daniel Pieper 
Jennifer Pleier 
William Pollock 
Michael Posner 
Edward Post 
Mark Promersberger 

Bruce Puryear 
Paul Quesenberry 
Janice Ragland 
Dawn Randolph 
David Rasmussen 
Marvin Ray 
Thomas Ray 
Dean Robinson 
David Rock 
Paul Roller 
David Rowles 
Katayoun Sabetian 
Adam Sarbin 
John Schneider 
Jeffrey Schwartz 
Vincent Showalter 
David Slatton 
James Snyder 
Lisa Soldat 

Joel Sorger 
James Sprinkle 
Tamara Stevens 
Bradley Terry 
Nicole Touchet 
Nhu-Nga Thi Truong 
Leland Tsao 
Hans Tuten 
Amy Ward 
Paul Ware 
Leonard Weltz 
Jeffrey Widmeyer 
Richard Williams 
Helen Wood 
Alfred Woodard 
Babak Yaghmai 
Eric Yancey 
Jason Yuan 
Fares Zaitoun 

11 U Medicine 

JUu^ 4994 

Medicine J. J. J. 

Ik I l« U p] fin 1 

^B 3 





X 1 Z Nursing Anesthesia 






Danny Bowen 
Marie Brown 
Donna Browning 
Michael Buckingham 
Wynelle Erickson 
Kimberly Faulkner 
Kenneth Gano 
Geneva Hanfling 
Nancy Harrison 
Sally Haynes 
George Hilton 
James Holt 
Krislen Koch 
Donna Landriscina 
Debra Marsh 
Kasey Pelton 
Paul Safara 
Dili la Tenglin 
Alexander Whidden 
Robert Williams 
Mary Boyle 
Jack Brueggeman 
Steve Galyon 
Sara Hall 
Sharon Jackson 
Edward Lesniak 
Noreen McCartan 
Steve Rymers 
Kirk Tanner 
Dean Weil 
Ann-Marie Whitney 
Edwin Wilkinson 
Royce Fished 
Shaye DiOrio 
Maura McAuliffe 
Loren Spitzer 

Nursing Anesthesia 1 -t 3 

Dawn Aubel 

Kathryn Burnes 

Cana Campbell 

Jennine Caulfield 

Connie Cox 
Danielle Davis 
Betsy Desjarlais 
Kimberlynn Dixon Ef 

Terri Driver 

Ellen Fox 

Karen Gallagher 

Shelia Gregory 

Lyn Johnson 

Tracey Johnson 

Barbara Juza 

Kelly Kemper 

114 Nursing 

Karen Right 
Bernadette LaFratta 
Lynn Marlowe 
Dana Moody 

Not Pictured: 

Nancy Baynes 
Karen Beasley 
Sonyia Billingsley 
Karen Bishop 
Laura Brahe 
Suzanne Brauer 
Janis Brooks 
Linda Brooks 
Paige Brugos 
Lori Burch 

Kevyn Burn 
Vickie Cali 
Lawrence Callahan 
Allena Callis 
Sarah Carter 
Kimberly Clift 
Dornean Cordrey 
Judith Cunningham 
Kelly Dennis 
Barbara Dobey 
Tina Konkle 
Lynette Short 

Deborah Doucet 
Gordon Estrada 
Kelly Farley 
Traci Ferguson 
Cynthia Fisher 
Marie Fisher 
Candice Fletcher 
Janet Fry 
Joan Galimore 
Donna George 
Mary Gilley 
Maryann Griffith 

Nancy Moody 
Rachel Morris 
Teresa Rawls 
Pamela Short 

Susan Styll 
Mary Trail 
Mary Twist 

Vicki Hall 
Donna Hannum 
Susan Harris 
Maria Hartman 
Nancy Hayden 
Jewel Hill 
Mary Hott 
Lisa Hudson 
Kathy Hudson 
Christ! Hughes 
Amy Inglehart 
Melissa Jackson 



Not Pictured: 

Christopher Kirkey 
Lena Kirstein 
Jere Kitchen 
Patricia Lehan 
Linda Lesniak 
Beth Lombardo 
Julie Lucas 
Eileen Lynch 
Ann MacLean 
Mary Malewski 
Laura Mann 
Jennifer Marlow 
Maria McCarroII 

Linda McEwen 
Alison Miller 
Lorie Miller 
Denise Morin 
Shari Morrissett 
Katherine Munson 
Jeannette Noel 
Violet Oliver 
Donna Overby 
Diana Parisi 
Fay Parpart 
Carla Perry 
Mary Pond 
Glennis Puzon 
Kathleen Quarles 

J. J. O Nursing 

Dianne Ragland 
Patricia Raper 
Betsy Ressler 
Tammy Reynolds 
Todd Reynolds 
Kathy Rhinehart 
l.ori Richardson 
Kristen Rice 
Wilhemenia Rone 
Joyce Roy 
Susan Ruben 
Carolyn Runyan 
Dana Sanderson 
Lorna Sawyer 
Sharon Selby 

Catherine Siock 
Elizabeth Slayton 
Mary Jane Smith 
William Stein 
Vera Tantoco 
Everdean Tisdale 
Mary Trainum 
Patsy Turner 
Traci Warner 
Kimberly Williams 
Felicia Woolard 
Nancy Zandall 








Donna Ballew 

Karen Baylor 

Marlyn Bess 

Jonathan Branch 

Lauri Breeden 

Chris Bruno 

Yvette Carter 

Karen Charlotte 

Stephanie Clarke 

Susan Cope 

Mary Crocker 

Dana Crosby 

Teresa Dawson 

Susan Dyer 

Kristin Fillmore 

Margaret Fueglein 

Ho Nursing 

Deborah Gilliam 
Roxanne Hall 
Melissa Hedgepeth 
Hazel Jefferson 

Amy Jetter 
Deborah Jones 
Chi-Hi Kim 
Kathleen Kin 

Alissa Linstrom 
Jennifer Long 
Christine McCaffrey 
Mary McSweeney 

Richard Moore 
Kelly Myer 
James Neiman 
Sandy Nelson 



Susan Ottofaro 

{Catherine Parker 

Teresa Sanders 

Jennifer Scopelliti 

Donna Sheppard 

Lisa Taylor I 
Annabel Thompson 
Rebecca Thorpe I 

Katherine Tofferi 

Sonja Tucker 

Martha Vaden 

Kathryn Wampler 

Kimberly Wilcox 

Cynthia Williams 

Julie Zenger 

120 Nursing 

■wspna< 1383 

Nursing ±£j£ 

Tammy Cratchfield 

Sally Currie 

Karen Domski 

Marie Farmer 

William Gilleese 

Rhonda Gurlen 

Parti Jones 

Kathleen Lavandosky 

Sharon Marsh 

Cynthia Mills 

Kimberly Minetree 

Susan Orr 

122 Occupational Therapy 

Suzanne Payne 
Beth Plaster 
Kathryn Quinnette 
Sheryl Reitz 

Michelle Samuels 
Dana Tomilinson 
Margaret Vaden 
Nancy Van De 

Occupational Therapy 



Mm 1 



1Z4 Occupational Therapy 

lu^ 1 




M --* 

£/'*> \ 

'* - 


^ ^gr" 

t . . -*<W 1 

Occupational Therapy 1&0 

Dina Anderson 

Anne Becker 

Martha Carpenter 

Rebecca Clements 

Rose Devan 

Kimberly Hamilton 

Hanna Fatin 

Virginia Hickman 

Beth Huntington 

Christine Hynes 

Christine Kershner 

Michelle Knachel 

Not Pictured: 

Lynn Berezin 
Sheila Bogan 
Christine Dougherty 
Fay Flora 
Jennifer Lindsey 
Karen Mayo 
Kathleen Pyne 

Laurie Root 
Lelah Sheldon 
Judi Stuart 
Diane Uzolini 
Jose Vivaldi 
Angela Wingert 

126 Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy 1 & t 

lZ© Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy xdt\3 

Kay Baber 

Michelle Boulanger 

Emilia Lievano 

Elaine Meekins 

Christine Parrott 

Not Pictured: 

Malene Blair 
Jennifer Deal 
Kate Deaton 
Deanne Deforest 
Maureen Elliott 
Karin Englund 
Dawn Griesemer 
Michelle Gurkewitz 
Mary Leffler 
Barbara Moyce 
Denise Noppenberger 
Dianne Sharr 
Lynne Silverman 
Sandra Tatigikis 
Anita Tutwiler 
Anne Weybright 
Lauri Zinn 

Ester Bucher 
Mark Burns 
Denise DiPietrantonio 
Dana Hutcherson 
Judith McKneely 
Terri Miller 
Lynn Noyes 
Daniel Panchik 
Joan Pollack 
Jill Stiles 
Chewen-yng Su 
Mary Viik 
Suann Zielinski 

Margaret Antoine 
Ching-Chung Chen 
Cecily Damour 
Rita Dandrow 
Annette Ernst 
Adrienne Frank 
Sarah Gale 
Colleen Hacker 
Laraine Hamilton 
Margaret Horger 
Nancy Krolikowski 
Linda Lindsey 
Nancy Rasmussen 
Regina Roseman 
Lori Shiftman 
Meryl Singer 
Cynthia Kulp 
Susan Tribuzi 
Terry Waters 
Sally Wooldridge 

ldO Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy i 1 

'132 Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy 1JJ 

Diane Avery 

Britney Bailey 

Michele Blanton 

Julia Buckland 

Edward Cary 

Tae Chong 

Tia Cochran 

Melanie Creasy 

Christie Curlee 
Jeffrey Dalton 
Tamara Drory 

Franklin Ewing 

Kenneth Gilliam 

Jeffrey Hancock 

Debra Hedge 

Tabano Hoffman 

134 Pharmacy 

} £Myu 

Patrice Jones 
Stacie Keenan 
Jan Klose 
Elizabeth Lunsford 

Michael Mangano 
Jennifer Maraki 
Gregory JMcClanahan 
Shiva Merat 

Patricia Meyer 
Tammy Moore 
Selma Ocak 
Steffey Owens 

William Pearson 
Jennifer Platts 
Bryan Ratliff 
Nancy Reinhard 

Pharmacy J.<J5 

Lynda Rice 

Deirdre Robinson 

Theodore Rubis 

Joanna Savrides 

Jeff Sesler 

Linda Shaia 

Holly Simmons 

Alicia Sparks 

Tammy Stanfield 

Shasta Styles 

Michele Thomas 

Victoria Trent 

Todd Wagner 

William Watkins 

Phyllis Weaver 

Katherine Weller 

IjD Pharmacy 

%J Aawmacu iS88 


U. *'i X 

J » 7 


1 / 

Teresa Wells 
Terri Wertz 
Timothy Zinski 

Not Pictured: 

Geoffrey Arlington 
Elizabeth Barksdale 
Yvonne Barrow 
Matthew Bennett 
Carolyn Bernard 
Leslie Bones 
Lynne Burton 
Diane Cahill 
Timothy Colyer 
Sheryl Dahl 
Brian Dunning 
Margaret Fisher 
David Garrison 
Marlene George 
Christine Lanier 
Mary Kay Legler 
Lisa Lillie 
Elizabeth Lyons 
Charles Martin 
Doriann Martin 
Jerry Martin 
Bronwyn McDaniels 
Amy Moore 
Penny Orr 
Susan Paciocco 
Douglas Poff 
Diana Ring 
Georgia Roberts 
Mary Kay Scanlon 
Susan Sonne 
Katherine Sours 
Mary St. George 
Michael Sutton 
Kevin Tolley 
Cheryl Tompkins 
Benjamin Voight 
Jennifer Watkins 
Michael Wiley 
Robert Woods 


Too Pharmacy 

f Wfi 


Pharmacy J.St3 

Laura Adams 

Carol Andre 

Anita Atkins 

Neal Baker 

Donna Barco 

Maureen Bastek 

Lori Board 

Thomas Bovee 

Angela Burgess 

Daniel Cale 

Noel Calilung 

Tammy Campbell 

Amber Capps 

David Compton 

Delia Corbin 

Nancy Crowder 

1.40 Pharmacy 

iam<mMyu 4S8S • 

Ronald Douglas 
David Fitts 
DeAnn Frank 
Bhavna Gandhi 

Elke Gilbert 
Catherine Herbert 
Dana Hill 
Keith Hodges 

Robyn Holt 
Otalia Hughes 
Anne Hutchens 
Kim-Nga Huynh 

Boniia Johnson 
Erin Kellaher 
Tina Keiiy 
Norma Kempton 

Pharmacy 141 

Gretchen Lambert 

Diane Lee 

Philip Lipton 

Debra Moody 

Rohini Murthy 

Sharon Newcomb 

Hueanh Thi Nguyen 

Kim-Thoa Nguyen 

Bina Patel 

Kelly Robertson 

Daniel Robertson 

Miguel Roman 

Barbra Shelton 

Lisa Smoot 

Rebecca St. Clair 

Angela Tewalt 

142 Pharmacy 

Courtney Todd 
Gregory Tolbert 
Mark Wheeler 
ft ] David Whitehurst 

Grace Williams 
Vicki Wnetrzak 

Not Pictured: 

Lisa Baker 
Gregory Beller 
Michael Bess 
Betty Blanton 
Rebecca Bobbin 
Angela Boswell 
Bruce Briggs 
Scott Buff 
Anita Bynum 
Stacy Cifelli 
Margaret Cook 
Vicki Cross 
Laurie Dobbins 
Gregg Draves 
Kathryn Farley 
Kim Hart 
Rebecca Haynes 
Keith Henderson 
James Hopkins 
Jill Hopper 
John Hunter 
Kenneth Knick 
Peter LeBel 
Kathryn McMahon 

Debra Mutter 
Michele Naujoks 
Sandra Neal 
Michael Palladini 
Nomita Patel 
Crystal Peebles 
Bradley Progar 
Robin Puryear 
Amy Rose 
Fariba Sadr 
Roger Sherwood 
Inga Sifuentes 
Angela Sours 
Scott Smithson 
Roger Taylor 
Sherry Tobias 
Mai Phuong Iran 
Robin Turner 
Gouramma Uthappa 
Maria Vandergrift 
Charles West 
Donna West 
Elizabeth Wiley 

Pharmacy 14 3 

144 Pharmacy 



Pharmacy J. 41 5 

14b Pharmacy 



Pharmacy J. 4 7 

Russell Agee 

Jamoan Alexander 

Melisa Allred 

Teresa Andre 

Barbara Arents 

Ronald Bennett 

Warren Bridgers 

Kerry Briscoe 

Greta Brodersen 

Kelly Clark 

Pamela Clodfelter 

Lisa Coe 

Andrea Crosier 

Catherine Crume 

Abd-Allah Darab 

Cathy Darby 

14o Pharmacy 

wmacu 4930 

David Davidson 
Rebecca Davis 
Sherri Donahoe 
Meredith Egle 

Mary Elrod 
Sharon Eubank 
Linda Fuller 
Corazon Ganaden 

Scott Germain 
Angela Goforth 
Laurie Hall 
Bonnie Harris 

Michelle Herbert 
Allison Kewerton 
Mark Johnston 
Andrea Jones 

?harmacv l4sH 

Anne Jones 

Jennifer Juhnn 

Rebecca Justice 

James Kelly 

Lynn Lammers 
Cathy Lavvson 
Kendra Mayes 

Martha Mercer 

Courtney Midgette 

James Moore 

Barney Osterbind 

Shirley Palmer 

Andrew Punzalan 

Neal Ragsdale 

Lisa Reish 

Sandra Reynolds 

150 Pharmacy 

w i l 


Sheri Richardson 
Rhonda Robertson 
Timothy Robertson 
Ruth Rodgers 

Assaad Saliba 
Cheryl Shipley 
Laura Sperling 
Carole Stallings 

Shawn Greer 
Craig Stiltner 
Averett Thomas 
& Hedeliza Tosoc 

William Towler 
Edwin Walton 
Kimberly Ward 
Beth Weaver 

Pharmacy lOi 


Cynthia Whittington 

Cynthia Wood 

Lana Yau 

Lisa Yates 

Not Pictured: 

William Adam 
Huda Ayoub 
Michele Baker 
Courtney Bell 
Mark Blanton 
William Botts 
Elizabeth Butswinkas 
Brian Chance 
Kerry Danaceau 
Geoffrey Ferguson 

Scott Germain 
Firoozeh Ghaffarian 
David Goss 
Maria Hartz 
Michael Holcomb 
Martha Howard 
Danny Huff 
David Hunter 
Bruce Jones 
Robert Kilfeather 
David Kilgore 
Christopher Koon 

Scott Lester 
Tulinh Le 
Linda Malik 
John Matthews 
Kimberly McTyre 
Susan Miller 
Daryl-Sue Morris 
John Neiderer 
Xuan Thi Nguyen 
Patrick Nuckolls 
Nancy Pandolfi 
Kimberly Parrish 

Keith Rigney 
Maxine Senski 
Johnesta Shepard 
Crystal Skeeter 
Michael Stephens 
Danny Stevens 
Tamela Stiltner 
Cynthia Stroud 
Donna Thompson 
Elizabeth Travers 
Carole Weingart 
James York 

15a Pharmacy 



"fl E* Q 
Pharmacy xD»5 



9^ 2 

!*'■■ 4 


■ *** 

^§A l 


Z >Tw^^^ 

arm' **" *> 

R> ** n« 

K ^^^^4. l^^l 

H^t ^^H 


k - J 

**fc; v« 

fijt . Jfcl ft 

\Z^^mH ^"^BBBiB 

_ ^wH^BKt* 

154 Pharmacy 

Mscioti 4330 


Pharmacy J. 5 5 

Holly Barber 

Denise Berry 

Lori Blair 

Christina Burns 

Scott Crabtree 

Randy Davis 

Karen Eastburn 

Cynthia Fields 

Lilli Gilkison 

Frank Glenn 

Mary Beth Herrity 

Angela Hill 

Kathleen Lipps 

Nick Martin 

Doug Park 

Sylvia Rosburg 

15b Physical Therapy 

1388 s 

Ann-Marie Bolton 
Chemayne Chelf 
Fred Dean 

Maxine Hayward-Shott 
Denise Howley 
Anne Karaffa 
Michele Laneve 
Kaihieen Lipps 
Louise Malone 
Linda Morris 
Randy Sch'osscr 
Anna-Maria Siebelink 
Jessica Ward 
Brandan Whitmer 

Physical Therapy 


ft ^ 

f I~1^J 



Vj y J 


■ : * ; ^^^^flm^B 


|C- V ' 

L «8 

I JO Physical Therapy 



Physical Therapy 


Denise Askins 

Louise Black 

Lana Burgesser 

Pamela Cavallo 

Michael Fuqua 

James Galloway 

Amy Harris 

Susan Harris 

Cheryl Henderson 

Amy Jurasek 

Kristin Logwood 

Noele Mankowski 

Lewis Martin 

Rhonda Mitchell 

Robin Newsome 

Sandra Penney 

160 Physical Therapy 


Anthony Santowasso 
Diane Sarros 
Angela Shelton 
Connie Shupe 

April Skinner 
Stephanie Speakman 
Sophia Vandermeyden 
Teresa Welch 

Physical Therapy 



■ 1 

■ U 



* » 1 -A 

JLOZ Physical Therapy 

Physica* Therapy Iwd 

Crystal Carter 
Tracey Duprey 
Sandra Perkins 

Roger Weedle 

Not Pictured: 

Karen Groff 

Karen Hach 

Cetha Boone 

Sharon Hartless 

Arthur Gorman 

Hilton Holdren 

Rhonda Hoyle 

Jeffrey Legg 

Heide Marie Paff 

Donald Rozier 

Diane Ponder 


Wendy Quinn 

Alan Bailey 

Lisa Tuzzo 

Ingrid Brigham 


Richard Robertson 

Melanie Belcher 

Iu4 Radiation Sciences 

l *Jvciwia<ti{>n 


Kadsation Sciences j.y-3 

1 U u Advertising 

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4. Counsel you on building, renting or leasing 
your office. 

5. Help you buy a practice. 

6. Design your office and help you decorate it. 

7. Help you select dental equipment. 

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406 Aberdeen Road 

Hampton, VA 23661 

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Route 1 4 - Box 20 
lohnson City, Tn. 37615 
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Richmond, Va. 23230 
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in the 

. . . Patterson's history of progress 

Patterson Dental Company grew from a proud hentage begun in 
1877. when young M F Patterson opened a dental supply counter in 
his Milwaukee drug store Soon thereafter, he relocated the 
company to the growing Minneapolis area, where it is 
headquartered today 

Patterson's history is characterized by progressive company 
growth By the 1960s the company had expanded to 36 branches 
located primarily in the Midwest. Southeast and West- Since then. 
Patterson has continued to grow and today employs more than 
1500 people in over 90 locations creating a national distribution 
network united by advanced computer technology. 

. . . growth for tomorrow 

Patterson Dental Company is committed to the future of dentistry . . 
we're planning now for the dentistry of tomorrow 
Toward that goal, we've mvested in management technology and 
human resources a national computer network, inventory and 
management systems, office planning and design, technical repair 
service, recruitment and training, and professional education 
programs for dentists and staff Additionally Patterson has created a 
centralized institutional bidding department to handle the 
specialized needs of dental facilities in Veterans' Administration 
hospitals, military bases, dental schools, and government clinics. 
We strive to stay at the forefront of the dental industry, meeting the 
complex needs of tomorrow with innovations that begin today. 

Patterson Dental Company 


8512 Sanford Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 23228 


3026 Wentworth Avenue N W 

Roanoke, Virginia 24012 



We're Investing In the future. 

171) Advertising 

99 Years Of Service 

To The Medical College of Virginia 
And Its Alumni 

Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association 

PO Box 1 56, MCV Station 

Richmond, VA 23298 

(804) 786-0434 

Advertising 1 / x 



eafcca/^ /a <=£sife 

As the 1987-88 school year comes to a close, 
we, the students of MCV have moved one step 
closer to our career goals. Our attention to our 
studies, over the past year, has allowed us to 
achieve excellence in our academics. As well, 
we managed to uphold the highest standards of 
patient care while developing our clinical and 
laboratory skills. Throughout allcof this, the 
quality of life, both the patient's and our own 
was never sacrificed. It took some adjustments 
to balance the school life with the social life. But 
to a student, both are important to maintain the 
quality of life. 

Medical College of Virginia has prepared the 
graduates of 1988 to leave the school as health 
care professionals. They take with them a 
sampling of knowledge from books, faculty, 
friends, and life's daily experiences at MCV. 
They must now be able to translate and 
incorporate these experiences into their outside 
lives. As they leave the doors of MCV, they enter 
a world where the responsibilities of the 
health-related problems never cease, and the 
solutions are left up to them. So, why do we take 
on so much? All because of... our dedication to 

172 Closing 


for > , 

oana )d)o-SdaiAtaml 
^enttOtj, 4989 

ctdet&u d^ee 

<3)<mti6by 4990 

z/Ai&, otw pint <ueai<- ai the 
editor of the ueawwxd fwowed to 
he iatiifuina _, mot not without 
diMcodttes . z/o todce 476 fiacfei- of ■ 
6/an/c hafiew and taom, them into 
me 4988 ^M€l^ ^-0lcof umm 
auite an a^de^taAtna . We had to 
attend oiov ocon ctaaeA and ounoeA, 
heefi aA tvidi <xm ifooaw&j awd 
manaae to todce a feoo fm&foavafifiA^ 
a/o-na the wow. WeU...dh^ddf- 
ype hcuve finiihed/ .; We. /oaAte \ : 
anMci/iated the end ' ii'nce the very; 
heaonntna . . .and now it'^ ne¥ef 
*Jo. . ^dtwi^.. .aie /vmie'ni to ^ou 
die 4988 ^-0%ay, and w# htfie. 

\£ e * V *\NsV 




Student Government Association 


President: Kurt Obeck 

Vice Presidents: 

Social: Chris Maestrello 

Parking: Jeff Sesler 

Secretary: Kelly Robertson 

Treasurer: Jef Londrey 

X-Ray Editors: Betsy Lee, Ronny Sangid, and 

Hoang Do 

Class Representatives 

Angela Shotwell 
Kasi Smith 
Clark Andersen 
Peter Kuenzli 
Jim Reynolds 
Bo Browne 
Anthony Dicesare 
Rick Jackowski 
Gerald Banks 
Tom Burke 
Jeff Wetter 
Steve Dorsch 
Bill Munn 
John Williams 
Jahsahn Holman 
Mark Burns 
Lynne Silverman 
Eric Jennings 
Mark Canada 
Ruby Battle 
Lisa Cannaday 
Elizabeth Grigg 
Dunstan Williams 

°// "U 


Steve Adkins 
Myunghi Lee 
Marianne Smith 
Robert Camp 
Joe Modrak 
Louis Fredrick 
Rajeev Gulati 
Sonjay Sood 
Rebecca Tanner 
Denise Williams 
George Emerson 
Patrick Coleman 
Karen Chandler 
Joel Sorger 
Robert Williams 
Susan Styll 
Teresa Rawls 
Melissa Hedgepeth 
Jonathan Branch 
Sandy Nelson 
Mindy Bortz 
Beth Huntington 
Patty Slattum 
Neil Snyder 
Marlene George 
Jerry Martin 
Holly Simmons 
Greg Beller 
Becky Bobbitt 
Vicki Cross 
Sharon Eubank 
Andrea Jones 
Lana Yan 
Karen Eastburn 
April Skinner 
Stephanie Jones 

The 1988 X-Ray Staff extends a special thanks to 
the following: 

John Perry-for your patience and understanding, 
and for getting us started in the right direction! 

Hunter Publishing Company-for printing our 

Life Touch Portrait Studios-for photographing 
and processing our student portraits! Thanks 
Sandy for all your help in scheduling! 

Class Photographers-for the photographes you 
submitted. Without them, there would be no 

Jim Reynolds-for getting me into this! I 
think. ..Well, it's finished and I hope we did as 
well as you've done in the past! 

Foxx Photo-for your 1 hour service! 

James Miller-for all your assistance and kindness 
during the past year! 

SGA-for your support and guidance along the 

1CV Student Body-for attending MCV. Without 
you, there would be no need for a yearbook. 

174 Closing 


The 1988 X-Ray was 
printed by Hunter 
Publishing Company of 
Winston-Salem, North 
Carolina. A total of 1400 
copies were run. Each copy 
consists of 176, trim sized 
"8V2XII" pages. The 
hardback 120 pt. binders 
board cover is black 
lexotone with hot stamped 
gold mylar processed by foil 
stamp. All paper type is 80 
lb. embossed, and the 
endsheets are black 
textured. The books were 
long bound and Smythe 
sewn. The first signature, 
pages 1-16, was printed in 
4-color. Throughout the 
remainder of the book, 
various percentages of gray 
ranging from 10-50% were 
used. The predominant 
headline and body copy 
typestyles used were: 
Helvetica, Hdlwsfto©® B©M 
©yftfa@ 8 Melior Bold, Avant 
Bold, Broadway 

Engraved, Mi+ul, an </ Jufy 
stfndante. Portraits were 
photographed in September 
and October of 1987 and 
processed by Life Touch 
Portraits Studios of 
Richmond, Virginia. The 
1988 X-Ray is a publication 
of the Student Government 
Association's elected 
editors for the students of 
Medical College of Virginia. 


Closing J./0 

We t/ie (oditors oitne 4988 cf-vau, nave dedi- 
cated tnis last ana fnal fiaae to i/ou , tne students of 
kJvuw 7 . Idou awe leftwit/i a cAaUenue to create t/ie 
final kuae ofy-our yearbook, ana the rest of your 
life, crill t/iis faage imtn you* memories of tne fiast, 
tne naMienings aftnehresent, ana your nohes for 
me luture. (yu/r taslc is comfilete. 14 e nave brouant 
you the J 387-8 8 ' scnoot ' uear in ' hictures, but it does 
not end nere. ^Jne -rest is uA to you, so ... become 
dedicated to life/